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 Janelle Williams

With over 20 years of dressage experience, Janelle Williams is uniquely qualified to evaluate your progress with your horse.  She has trained 2 warmbloods and 1 paint horse to the FEI level in dressage earning the USDF bronze and silver medals, and multiple paint horse world championships in the process.  She enjoys working with a variety of horses and is an assistant racehorse trainer who often cares for over 20 thoroughbreds during the racing season.  

Robin Hessel

Robin Hessel is a United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist .  She is a dressage trainer and  instructor at Valley View Equestrian Center in Stillwater, OK where she works with all breeds of horses.  She graduated with distinction from the USDF “L” Judging program. 

dressage horse and trainer

Jodi Lees

 Jodi began her career in Combined Training Horse Trials and Three Day Eventing where she competed a number of horses successfully through the Preliminary Level. Though she still enjoys jumping, Dressage has become her focus. She has worked diligently with some of the nation's leading trainers to accomplish a high level of both riding and teaching skills. She has attained the USDF Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals and is a USEF Licensed "S" judge. She trains out of Campobello, SC.

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Heidi Berry

Heidi hunted and evented in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, but since that time has focused her equestrian talents exclusively on dressage.  She has competed successfully at FEI levels, earning the USDF bronze, silver, and gold medals.  She teaches at Kinsman Farm in Loudoun County, Virginia and at several other facilities in Northern Virginia.  "I love to ride, and I love the training process,” Berry is quoted by the Baltimore Sun. “I love to see the horses get stronger and better and I cannot even think about not riding. Dressage is about perseverance, patience, and the beauty of the sport.”

Melissa Creswick "S" and "R"

Melissa Creswick is a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist and is currently competing at the FEI levels.  She is the past president of the California Dressage Society and holds USEF “S” dressage judge, “r” sport horse breeding, and “R” western dressage judge licenses.  Melissa is a positive teacher who understands the competitor’s and the judge’s show ring perspectives.   She has vast experience with all breeds, and   extensive teaching experience with all levels of riders. Her experience gives her many ways to help each rider meet their goals.

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lisa schmidt.jpg

Lisa Schmidt "S"

  • USEF ‘S’ Dressage Judge

  • L Program Faculty Member

  • United States Dressage Federation (USDF) Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist

  • Former USDF Region One Director

  • Coach for 2017 US National Children’s Champion

  • Coach for 2017 NAJYRC Junior Team Bronze and Silver medalist

  • Coach for 2016  NAJYRC Junior Team Bronze and Silver medalist

  • Coach for 2015 US National Dressage Pony Champion

Susan Lang

Susan Lang is a long time supporter of dressage and western dressage in the Missouri Valley.  She is a "R" western dressage judge who officiated at the 2017 WDAA World Championships and the 2017 Morgan Grand National.  She is also a dressage TD.  Susan competes in both dressage and western dressage shows and is a gifted photographer.

Cynthia Sera

Cynthia Sera is a NWA native and has over 20 years of teaching, training, and judging dressage. She is a USDF "L" judge with distinction and a bronze and silver medalist. She has produced award winning horses and students from Training through Intermediare I. Her mentors include Arlene Rigdon, Jochen Hippenstiel, Kamila Dupont, and Aaron Wilson.

Cynthia Sera_PSG.jpg

Lurena Bell

Lurena Bell is a popular clinician who teaches in Oklahoma multiple times during the year. She has earned USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and won numerous Region 9 Championships ranging from training through Grand Prix.  She has competed on a variety of breeds of horses.

Marie Maloney 1.jpg

Marie Maloney

Marie Maloney is an accomplished rider and judge.  She has earned a USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist on a horse she trained herself.  She is an "r" dressage judge and a USEF "R" Western Dressage judge.  She operates Capall Baile dressage facility in Wichita, KS and is a representative for Theraplate.   

Sherry Guess

One of the first dressage trainers in the United States to recognize the importance of biomechanics and its influence on effective riding, Sherry Guess is a trendsetter in her field.  Knowing that the rider's correct position and fundamental movement provide clear communication between horse and rider, Sherry continuously strives to obtain an even greater understanding of biomechanics and its relationship to riding; specifically, as it relates to the discipline of dressage.

amy mcelroy.jpg
Amy McElroy
Amy McElroy is a dressage trainer, coach, and judge, based in South .  She is known for her ability to train and coach adult amateurs to a high level of success at recognized dressage competitions.  In addition to a full teaching and clinic schedule, Amy is a highly sought after judge and can frequently be seen in the judge’s box at any one of the many recognized dressage shows or events throughout the country. Amy a USEF “S” judge with distinctions in Freestyle, Young Horse and Dressage Seat Equitation.
Donna Richardson
Donna Richardson - After a successful career as an amateur hunter/jumper rider, Donna Richardson switched to dressage in 1987. By the time she had trained her Quarter Horse jumper to Grand Prix, Donna was hooked on the sport. Donna is now a USEF “S” judge. She trains horses and students at Broad Hill Run Farm in Tennessee
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