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We offer a large variety of services ranging from show management to developing sponsorship program to awards programs to marketing plans for equestrian businesses.

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Horse Show Services


Before the Show Management and Secretary Activities


  • Secure judges and TD selected by show committee and execute contracts 

  • Prepare Omnibus page 

  • File paperwork for show dates and recognitions with USDF/USEF/SWDC/AQHA

  • Prepare show budget for board 

  • Prepare and submit prize list for USDF/USEF approval 

  • Set travel plan and contact list for judges and TD 

  • Accept and check entries 

  • Assist competitors with entry questions and special requests. 

  • Schedule ride times 

  • Make stalling assignments 

  • Run test copies 

  • Order bridle numbers 

  • Order ribbons and prizes

  • Inventory left over awards and order replacement awards 

  • Prepare judges packets

  • Prepare stall cards and attach to stalls on move-in day 

  • Prepare and print show day sheets

  • Write emergency plan

  • Assist with program content


During the Show Management and Secretary Activities


  • Check in competitors 

  • Sell and insure delivery of extra shavings orders 

  • Maintain day sheet and make accommodations to competitors as needed 

  • Oversee scoring including calculation of high points 

  • Input scores and submit results to USDF/USEF/SWDC 

  • Coordinate arena maintenance schedule

  • Check in volunteers

  • Oversee warmup

  • Set up and remove arena(s)

  • Hire announcer, EMT, farrier, vet 


Post Show Management and Secretary Activities


  • Follow up with USEF/USDF regarding any concerns expressed 

  • Mail tests and ribbons that competitors forgot to pick up 

  • Calculate USDF/USEF/SWDC payments and complete post competition reports 

  • Update show spreadsheet describing revenue and expenses 

  • Store awards for next show

  • Send thank you notes to sponsors and voluteers


Competitor Services
  • Explain entry requirements for recognized and schooling shows

  • Describe benefits of national and local organizations

  • Assist with setting realistic goals at the local and national level

    • USDF awards

      • ​All-breeds awards

      • Horse of the year awards

      • Rider awards (medals, etc.)

    • Regional Championships

    • WDAA Lifetime Program

    • Schooling show and local awards

  • Assistance with completing entry blanks including online entry.

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Show Equipment & Memberships
  • 3 full sized arenas; 1 short arena

  • 4 sets of letters

  • Photo Backdrop

  • Office equipment (computers, copier, printers)

  • 2-way radios (set of 10 recharagable)

  • Judges table skirts 

  • Show management software ( that supports paperless showing!

  • Online entry 

  • Webcast capabilities and video sales

  • Show supplies (gloves, clipboards, whistles, pens, etc)

  • Memberships

    • United States Equestrian Federation

    • United State Dressage Federation

    • Western Dressage Association of America

    • American Quarter Horse Association

    • Arabian Horse Association

    • OK State Racing license

    • Central Plains Dressage Society


Equestrian Business and Marketing Consulting
  • Marketing Plan Development 

  • Business Analysis

  • PhD in marketing with 32 years experience

Website / Social Media
Club / GMO Services
  • Survey reseach of membership

  • Development of year-end awards rules

  • Maintenance of year-end award standings

  • Development and implementation of local level championship programs and show series

  • Develop sponsorship programs


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